How To Write A Reflective Essay

19th January 2015

In simple terms, a reflective essay can be defined as a piece of writing that conveys your feelings and views about a given topic. So, through a reflective essay, you are not just expected to write what you learnt but what you have found out through your personal experience. As each person is unique in his own ways, so is every reflective essay.

How to write a reflective essay?

While writing a reflective essay, you have total freedom to express yourself. Make use of this freedom as much as possible. Take this as an opportunity to discuss your ideas about the topic. You do not have to take side of any particular view as the instructor is looking to see your personal side. You can take an affirmative side or opposite side or neutral side given that you have valid points to prove it.

Normally, students are required to write their reflective essays after the completion of a course or field work or seminar or exposure program. Follow the below points to learn HOW TO WRITE A REFLECTIVE ESSAY.

How To Write A Reflective Essay

Gather your observation, belief and attitudes

Before starting your reflective essay, take some time to reflect about your observation, attitudes and belief about the topic. Don’t feel compelled to do this. Take your time, relax and do it. This will let you build up an independent reflection. According to experts on how to write a reflective essay, the insights from the reflections can be the core of your reflective essay.

Add quotes from other materials if necessary

If you think that you need to quote from other reference materials in your reflective essay, do that without fail. You are free to quote from online databases, books, journals or articles.

Justify your points

Unless your points are well founded, your instructor or readers will suspect their authenticity. So justify your points. If necessary, add some valid references to support your points. Although they say that reflective essays should be written from one’s own perspective, it is advisable to add some authentic and convincing references to support your views. Furthermore, by adding references, you can prove that your reflective essay is drafted out based on proven facts and your personal experience.

Write the essay from your personal point of view

The term reflective essay means an essay written based on one’s reflections. You have to be hundred percent true to this. If you are required to write it on any particular topic, begin the essay by writing something that is very personal to you and then build up the essay on the basis of this till you are able to relate your experience with the topic. Sometimes the reflective essay that you are required to write may be a person who influenced you the most or sometimes a life-changing incident or experience you have had. In fact, there are a variety of topics that you can write your reflective essay on.

You have seen some useful tips on how to write a reflective essay. Now, begin writing your reflective essay. If you bump into any questions, don’t forget to clarify them instantly.