How To Write A Narrative Essay

19th January 2015

During the time of school or colleges, students are required to write several narrative essays. Unlike other types of essays, narrative essays are simple. That said; do not take narrative essay writing for granted. It is extremely important that you know how to write a narrative essay.

Through a narrative essay, you are expected to tell a story involving yourself as a character in it. If you are writing a narrative essay based on a class theme, you have to use your creativity to make yourself part of the story. If you have the proper idea about how to write a narrative essay, you would just love it and be wanting to write many. Following are some useful tips on how to write a narrative essay.

Pick an interesting topic

If you are given the freedom to choose your favorite topic for your narrative essay, you are lucky. Choose a topic that you love most. However, it must be relevant to your class theme. If you can somehow manage to relate your story with the class theme, it would certainly do. However, consult your instructor whether that is acceptable.

How To Write A Narrative Essay

You can choose a contemporary issue, news, concept or theme for your narrative essay. All that makes the differences is how you are going to involve yourself in the essay. Once you have the topic, begin the story as if you are the prime character in it. Build up your story lightly until you reach a point where you can start emphasizing on your arguments or points.

Know the two important components of a narrative essay

A narrative essay consists of two important components. They are: the story and the story analysis. The best part is that you don’t have to conduct a rigorous research in order to prepare your narrative essay. All that you need to know is how to write a narrative essay and the theme on which you are writing the essay.

What does your instructor expect from you?

By evaluating your narrative essay, what the instructor wants to identify is not just how logically you have constructed your arguments or points but how creatively you have involved yourself in the essay. In simple terms, a narrative essay exposes your story-telling skills and that is exactly what the instructor wants to know.

Ensure that the plot of the story is manageable

A common problem observed with some students is that they begin their narrative essay quite impressively but fails to manage its plot successfully till the end. Consequently, they are forced to end the plot all of a sudden and switch to emphasizing the arguments or points that they wish to highlight in the essay. This can spoil the beauty of your narrative essay and reduce your score. So draft out a manageable plot for the story well in advance.

With these tips on how to write a narrative essay, you should be able to write your narrative essay convincingly and impressively.