Discount offers for you on your papers

We value each of our customer and their requirements and thus we believe in establishing and maintaining a trusting professional relationship with our clients. It is this trust which the customers put in us that has put us above other academic writing service providers. And we are thankful to our customers to have put faith and trust in our quality and professionalism. Although, writing service providers makes it look like we are helping the customers; but we believe that it’s a two- way thing where we both help each other. You have always supported us in providing you the quality papers be explaining and communicating you requirements to us with clarity and sometimes explained it more than once to make us understand the requirements completely. Without this, even if our writers are qualified and experienced; they cannot deliver high quality paper without proper requirements given to them.

Number of Pages Discount Rate
Page 1 to 15 5 Percent
Pages 16 to 50 8 Percent
Page 51 to 100 10 Percent
Page 100 to 200 15 Percent
Page 201 and Above 20 Percent

We value your patience and trust bestowed upon us and thus we strive to provide you premium quality research papers and other assignments when you come back to us again and again. And as a token of our thankfulness to you, we provide you discounts in the range of 5-20% depending on the length of the paper. For example on small assignments like those of 5-11 pages, a discount of up to 5% can be availed by you. Likewise for a dissertation paper which runs into more than 150-200 pages, discounts ranging between 15-20% can be availed by you.

How does the system of discounts work

We don’t have any full-fledged established system of code for providing discounts to customers. When you put an order for an academic paper from us on our website in the “order page”, the discount for which your assignment is qualified is applied in the order page itself after calculating the relevant discounts. These discounts are directly applied directly to every order that you place with us. When you go to order page, you will find there a link saying, “Get your discount”. You need to click on this link and then the order page will automatically reduce the discounted price from your total charges and provide you with the discounted payment which is applicable for your assignment.

Thus, you don’t have to ask us or negotiate with us for the discounts which you would have to do with other service providers. We value you and thus provide you discounts on your paper, in fact every order you place with us without being asked. We want you to be a happy and satisfied customer of ours in every way. So, just relax now and order your paper online and avail quality in both your paper and on your purchase amount.